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  1. The Ivy League on Wednesday became the first Division I conference to say it will not hold sports this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Running back Raheem Mostert requested a trade from the 49ers, his agent said Wednesday, citing unproductive contract talks with the team.
  3. Stephen Jackson came to DeSean Jackson's defense on Tuesday night, saying in an Instagram video that the Eagles' wide receiver was "speaking the truth" with his social media posts that included anti-Semitic messages.
  4. Stanford will eliminate 11 of its varsity athletic programs at the end of this upcoming academic year as it deals with financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.
  5. Amazon will pull Redskins merchandise for sale while the team reviews its nickname, making Amazon the latest company to make such a move.
  6. The city of Chicago has approved Wrigley Field rooftop stands for 25% capacity setups, and tickets at one viewing venue have gone on sale for $350.
  7. As the Ivy League announces it will not have sports this fall, many college football power brokers dismiss its impact on their decision. But the Ivies were first -- and right -- when it came to basketball in March, so are they about to set another trend?
  8. Here's the question for LeBron's Miami Heat teams: Were they a success or not?
  9. By next week, the QB will sign a long-term deal or play the 2020 season on the franchise tag.
  10. While Black baseball players fear speaking out would be a career death sentence, a Players Alliance is mobilizing.