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Tommy Jaeger

Thomas J Jaeger

PGA Professional - Class "A" Member - New Jersey Section
Director of Instruction - Spring Meadow GC - Farmingdale, N.J

  • Employed from 1979 to 1988 at Navesink C.C., a private county club in Middletown, NJ
  • From 1988 to Dec 2011 - serving the public at Quail Ridge Golf World in Wall Township, NJ
  • Teaching Professional / Asst. Coach-2002-2005 for Rutgers University Golf Teams
  • Conducts 3-day golf schools in South Florida during the winter months
  • Engages as speaker in golf classes and clinics
  • Actively competes in PGA sectional, national, and international events
  • New Jersey PGA Section: "2009 NJPGA Section Teacher of the Year" (Award Winner)
  • Golf Digest - Nov 2011 Issue "Best Teachers in Your State" Article (2011-2012 Ranking)
  • "PGA of America Quarter Century Member"

Teaching Philosophy

My goal as your instructor.... is to create a "solid foundation"... by patiently and thoroughly building the fundamentals into the golf swing, that will directly support your personal swing...with a sensitivity towards your physical capabilities, different levels of desire and commitment and also taking in to consideration, your personal swing preferences, if any...

Not being a quick-fix or "method" teacher, I always look at the swing as a whole....Realizing that some people simply cannot employ "certain movements of the swing" or "certain positions in the set up", due to physical limitations...Therefore, I focus on matching the student's golf swing with their physical strengths and flexibility capabilities and also as well...taking into consideration the individual's swing preferences ....

In addition...educating the golfer on applying certain positions in their set-up & certain swing motions...that will both support their swing plane preference ...and explaining how it applies to their "one-plane" (flatter) ...or "2-plane" (more upright) swing path...

During the instruction time, swing drills and physical exercises will be offered, to help the student support their own individual swing.... As you can see, it's not a "clear-cut/one answer solution" with every golfer... Patience on both ends is necessary..as the "trial & error" process begins, to find out what works best for each student...

"Sound golf instruction" will help you avoid the usual pitfalls and greatly enhance the quality of your practice time... and your enjoyment of the game in general.

For lesson plans and rates, feel free to visit my website www.jaegerpga.com